Monday, September 5, 2011

chocolate beauty @NaturiNaughton as Bunny Brenda - the Playboy Club NBC

score one for #teamdarkskin. finally a dark-skinned woman cast in a role as a 'beauty'

you know i have SERIOUS issues with black media outlets BET (BS Everyday Television) and non-black 'mainstream' media outlets NOT casting dark-skinned sisters in 'pretty-girl' roles. yep,  many 'liberal' white folk as well as the so-called industry blacks who run BET and occupy other power positions suffer from colorism + see us dark-skinned girls in one-dimensional roles - hello this is 2011! If u can't pass the paper bag test, you're relegated maid or domestic type 'mammy' & not  hot wife/girlfriend/beauty material. images are powerful. hopefully we can get to the day when black folks will eliminate the phrase "you're pretty for a dark-skinned girl" from our vocabulary and get over our colorstruck sickness. beauty does not automatically equal white/light-skin.

it's GREAT to see a dark-skinned woman with classical West African features cast in a 'pretty-girl' role + it's being filmed in Chicago. even though the Playboy Club is being marketed 'good fun/fluff tv', Playboy Enterprises really did change the culture and it'll be interesting to (hopefully) see that theme explored.

check the first DARK-SKINNED Black woman who was allowed to be SEXY on television Lola Falana + a documentary on ex-Playboy Club employees after the jump

 The Bunny Years - Amazon link

now will someone cast Viola Davis as a hot wife? thank you. rant over.

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