Monday, August 20, 2012

Nile Rodgers interview + live performance | Lincoln Center Out Of Doors

Nile Rodgers comments on the Buddah pressing of Dance Dance Dance + live performance
July 25, 2012 | Damrosch Bandshell | Lincoln Center Out Of Doors

Watching one of my childhood heroes onstage in NYC was one of summer's best moments for me.  Just looking at Nile Rodgers made me tired LOL. Here he is performing, bouncing around onstage, snapping photos of the opening act and after with the fans, one day after a nerve treatment with a cancer specialist.  You can read more about his victorious life & recovery at his Planet C blog here.

We want to thank his staff, the A team, for giving us access to continue our twitter conversation on a topic he discusses at length in his book "Le Freak"-- Chic's very first single, the Buddah pressing of "Dance, Dance Dance" (Yowsa, Yowsa, Yowsa). Thank you Nile for your generosity & inspiration!

I used to play this on a blue children's record player that folded like a suitcase.
Thanks to the staff at Lincoln Center for press access! Enjoy the photos below and check out Lincoln Center Out Of Doors site.   More photos here courtesy of Lisa Edwards (Feel the Vibe TV)

Nile in the DJ booth with the opening act!

Nile giving us a Master Class on guitar

Sunday, August 12, 2012

John Taylor of Duran Duran at Pacific Ampitheater

Greetings viewers! It's been a busy summer for us so we just wanted to take the time to post this EXCLUSIVE treat from our ace photog, Shari!

It's John Taylor from Duran Duran live at Pacific Ampitheater in Los Angeles. He's got a new book soon to be released in the fall and if it's anything like Nile Rodgers' bio...well, we can't wait to read it.

enjoy the photos from the show - link here .....
book teaser - link here

Our favorite vinyl junkie & Mr. Peabody Records supporter,  John Taylor bringing the funk in Los Angeles

update: John posted a new video about his book. enjoy!