Friday, January 7, 2011

groove parlor tv ustream 01.07.2011 - dj steve miggedy maestro

groove parlor tv presents - house it out friday w/dj steve miggedy maestro

BEAT CITY DWELLERS - Ain't Nothing Goin On But The Rent (Benson remix)
???????? - I've Been Thinking(Earl's Edit)
RICK JAMES - Sexy Lady
LOUIE VEGA presents LUISITO QUINTERO - Percussion Madness Revisited (Alternate Remix)
QUINCY JONES - Emerald City(Azza'z House Mix)
MR. HERMANO - Vasco Da Gama(DiSisco Mix)
RASMUS FABER ft. Dyanna Fearon - Give It To Me(HardSoul Reconstrucion)
SABU MARTINEZ - Hotel Alyssa Soussie
MIGHTY BOP - I Go Crazy(acca)
MMELASHON - I Am Blessed
STACEY KIDD feat Peven Everett - Body Jerkin(Light Kick Mix)
ROY DAVIS, JR. - Music(RJJr Remix)
NOHA - Set Out(Wiseguys Remix)

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